About Us

Our roasting facility is located in Oxford, MS where the first High Point coffee shop opened its doors in 2002. We roast our coffee to order and ship it straight to your door. We procure the world’s highest quality beans and hand craft each roast to perfection. At High Point we proudly support sustainable growing practices and equitable relationships through world wide alliances such as Coffee Kids and Fair Trade.

Why Shop Fair Trade?

The Fair Trade Organization began in 1988 when the world coffee market was flooded leading to prices plummeting and farmers struggling to endure. Fair Trade coffee is certified to be grown by local farmers who are paid a fair wage for their harvest. To be labeled Fair Trade certain standards must be met such as safe and healthy work conditions for laborers and the prohibiting of child labor. The farmers play an integral role in the decisions concerning pricing and profit for the harvest. A percentage also goes back into their community to build schools and provide health care. At High Point we make every effort to support fair trade farmers, this helps to positively impact far reaching places in the world.

Coffee Connoisseur

High Point Roasters hand select quality beans from many different regions. Each bean that passes through our roaster and to your cup has a story specific to its origin. The altitude of the coffee harvest contributes to the taste profile of the bean. The finest beans are grown at the highest elevations. We want our consumers to know they are getting the taste they are searching for; because of this we stamp each bag with the growing altitude in which the beans were harvested.

Patio or Sun Drying

The beans we purchase are patio dried rather than mechanically dried. This method is preferred because it helps the bean retain the highest quality and fullest flavor. The standard procedure is to spread the beans onto a cement patio into long rows. These rows are raked every 30-40 minutes. They are dried in the sun for up to 3 weeks. The process is complete when approximately 60% of the moisture content is reduced to 11-12%.

Private Label

Let us craft your own personal private label coffee to help you promote your business with your own coffee brand. Whether your business is a coffee shop, restaurant, or retail, private label coffee is a unique way to brand your business. Either choose one of our existing coffees or let us customize a blend for you. For more information, or to set up an appointment, contact us.

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