About Us

High Point Coffee is a family-owned & operated roaster, known for its high quality coffee and creative blends. Our roasting facility is located in Oxford, MS where we first opened our doors in 2002. We procure fresh crop beans from 14 countries and craft each roast to perfection.

High Point Coffee is hand-roasted in small batches, guaranteeing superior flavor.

We roast our coffee to order to ensure you get the freshest cup possible.

100% Ethically Sourced

We proudly support sustainable growing practices and equitable relationships through our choice of suppliers and support for organizations such as Coffee Kids. See our page on Sustainability.

High Point Quality

High Point Roasters select quality beans from many different regions. Each bean that passes through our roaster and into your cup has a story specific to its origin. The altitude of the coffee harvest contributes to the taste profile of the bean. The finest beans are grown at the highest altitudes. We want our consumers to know they are getting coffee of the highest quality when they purchase with us.

Wholesale & Private Label

Let us craft your private label coffee to help you promote your business with your own coffee brand. Whether your business is a restaurant, office or coffee shop, private label coffee is a unique way to brand your business. Either choose one of our existing coffees or work with us to create a blend. For more information, see our Wholesale & Private Label page, or contact us.

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