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Our Story Begins with Quality Beans

At High Point Coffee we procure fresh crop beans from 14 countries and craft each roast to perfection. Hand-roasted in small batches for optimal flavor.

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We Take Sustainability Seriously 

That's Why We're Partnered with Fair Trade

The Fair Trade Organization began in 1988 when the world coffee market was flooded leading to prices plummeting and farmers struggling to endure. Fair Trade coffee is certified to be grown by local farmers who are paid a fair wage for their harvest. To be labeled Fair Trade certain standards must be met such as safe and healthy work conditions for laborers and the prohibiting of child labor. The farmers play an integral role in the decisions concerning pricing and profit for the harvest. A percentage also goes back into their community to build schools and provide health care. At High Point we make every effort to support fair trade farmers, this helps to positively impact far reaching places in the world.

Our Process

From Farm to You



In upholding with Fair Trade practices, we carefully vet every farm that we work with, to ensure the beans are being grown in a sustainable manner, with fair compensation and safe work conditions for the farmers.



We pride ourselves on our roasting. Through are carefully curated and intensely measured process, we roast each bean to the optimal temperature for the optimal duration to ensure that the flavor is perfect every time.



After roasting, we carefully package our beans to ensure that their freshness and quality are preserved. From there, all that's left is for you to sit back and wait for our distributors to deliver it to your door.